End of Year Homeschool Curriculum Review: Part 1

We’re wrapping up our last month of homeschooling, and plan to be done by the end of May this year! At the end of the year, I like to go back and look over what curriculum choices worked (and what didn’t). Because Sid is a twice-exceptional learner, it can be difficult to find curricula that …

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How to Budget Homeschool Free Frugal

Homeschooling on a Budget 101

Like our own family, most who choose to homeschool their children find themselves faced with the reality of living on a single income. While we’re fortunate to only have the expenses of one child, the majority of homeschooling families have homeschooling expenses for multiple children in addition to daily needs like shelter, food, clothing, and …

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Homeschool Review: Grapevine Bible Studies

Sid and I were recently blessed with the opportunity to use and review Grapevine Studies New Testament Overview Part 1. Before I begin, I really want to share with you all how much I love Grapevine Studies’ program. Our family has found so much joy in learning about the New Testament in a such a …

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Spring is Near (and I Can’t Wait)

Winter has been surprisingly mild here “up North”, my daffodils are already growing, the strawberries have new growth, and it’s all incredibly bizzare for those of us used to snow well into April. But I can’t complain, because the unseasonably warm sixty-degree days we’ve been having this week have given me serious spring fever.

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Homeschool Review: Zonderkidz Faith Builders Bible

Our family are HUGE fans of all things Lego! I can’t think of a room in our house that doesn’t have at least a small collection of the well-known and loved primary colored plastic bricks! I’ve spent many hours building and playing Lego with Sid, so when the chance arose to review the Faith Builders …

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Outdoor Mom’s Journal – February Edition

Sadly, I haven’t posted an Outdoor Mom’s Journal update since November! This is mostly due to the busy holiday season combined with the bitter cold and ample snow we’re receiving near the Great Lakes this season! Luckily, December was quite mild in comparison to years past, so we did get to spend more time outside …

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